World Book Day

As part of the world book day celebration 2017 we set ourselves the challenge of outdoor learning. Each story was carefully selected to have an outdoor theme and we were out as much as possible.

We all got stuck in the mud.

We had scary tales of the Gruffalo

We had laughs with a windy dog…phew!

There was fun on a Bear Hunt.

Surprises in store for the Owl Babies.

Fun galore with Peace at Last.

Party time with Barry the fish with Fingers.

Lots of dress up fun with our favourite characters.

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School council beat the blues…
The School Council talked about how people SCfeel miserable and ‘blue’ after Christmas especially when it is cold and grey.
They decided to plan an event to cheer up everyone at school.
 They had lots of meetings to plan this event and 2 council members went to Morrison’s to buy the products they would need.
 On Thursday 2nd of February they spent the
whole morning preparing milkshakes, hot chocolates, pancakes, crumpets and croissants which they served to the whole school
over 200 students and staff.
The event took place in the central dining area where all the classes sat together and
enjoyed the snacks, drinks, music and happy, smiling faces.
The feedback was really positive everyone enjoyed the food and drinks and definitely
felt happier. We are running some exciting free courses  for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, who are 19 years old and over, at our new building ‘The Hide @ Keelman’s’.
 Short courses for Adults
 The 3 courses are:
 Using your phone for friendship and independence
  • Looking after your health and well being
  • Social interaction and building meaningful relationships
These courses will be on a Wednesday afternoon 1.00 – 4.00pm (approximate times) at the Hide @ Keelman’s which is a brand new accessible building with modern facilities and a safe, warm environment.  The courses will run for 6 weeks and the first course to run will be ‘Using your phone for friendship and independence’ which will start on Wednesday the 11th of January 2017.
Below are some posters for these courses which you can download.

Download (PDF, 621KB)

Download (PDF, 508KB)

Download (PDF, 356KB)