Occupational TherapyOT2

Occupational therapy is an integral part of the multidisciplinary team working in Keelman’s Way School, which includes physiotherapy and speech and language therapists.

Occupational therapy aims to promote independence skills and to help children and their families to live the way they would choose to, with respect to fulfilling meaningful activities.

OT3How can Occupational therapy be delivered in school?

Not all pupils need the same amount of time and input from O.T. Therefore, the level of intervention will vary   depending on the needs of the individual pupil.

It may be possible to resolve some of the issues quickly, for example the introduction to of equipment whilst  others will need more in-depth long term support. With this in mind pupils will be given  block  sessions of therapy focusing on agreed goals (such as helping a pupil to become more independent). Those who need long term support may be seen on a more regular basis or over a period of time, allowing  the pupil to develop skills and to review their progress.

Staff will be given support to allow them to continue with the therapy programmes during the normal school day. All plans will be discussed with as little interruption as possible to the school day.OT4