Dear Parents and Carers, 

Just to let you know that although you may not see us, we are still here to help if we can. Government advice is very different for special schools. We are not taking pupils in year group cohorts but are continuing to offer provision for key worker’s children and some pupils that are vulnerable at home. 

Although the message from the government has changed for activities in the community, for our school it has remained the same. The risks remain, for all of us, and this increases with the number of contacts we have and the more places we travel to. 

Our work now is to reduce the risks and establish pupils’ understanding, as far as we can, of how to social distance when they do eventually return to school. This is very difficult for our school as we previously worked so hard to encourage close working relationships for pupils and staff. 

We look every week at the needs of pupils, families and staff. We are planning to widen the groups we can support in school and at home. All teachers have met to look closely at planning too. We know what may help a particular child or family does not work for everyone. Teachers will be working with you on more individualised support for your child. 

When we closed we expected this to be for a much shorter time. We have no real certainty about the future in the short or longer term. Most of us are parents and carers within our own families so we do understand the challenge of looking after one another and balancing work alongside that. Home schooling is certainly not for everyone! 

If you need to call us please do. If we can help we will, or we may be able to put you in touch with someone that can. We still have contact with the other services that support your children in school. 

The school office staffed Monday to Thursday 0191 4897480 and school mobile 07807 273436 can be used if you prefer. Please call us and someone will reply. Or you can email us anytime [email protected] 

Please keep in touch. 

Yours Sincerely P Selby 

Mrs P Selby Head Teacher