Sunshine Class

The first half term we all enjoyed our topic of ‘Toys’. We learned about old and new toys, how toys work and what different toys are made of. We also enjoy weekly cooking lessons and made ‘teddy bear’ biscuits and iced cakes to make them look like ‘minions’. We had lots of fun in class making different ramps with a range of items, for different tots to go down.


For Diwali day in school Sunshine class made ‘Burfi Sweets’, took part in some ‘Diwali Dancing’ decorated our own ‘Ganesh’s’ and thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in a range of authentic clothing.

In the second half of the term our current topic we are learning about is ‘Houses and Homes’. We have been exploring different materials that houses are made from, learning about different areas in the house, using shapes to follow patterns to make pictures and taking part in a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ in our local area around school.











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